Business Proposal Template

If you are new to writing business proposals, you would benefit from a template.

Free Business Proposal Templates

I’ve provided links for different proposal templates that you can download for free. However, these won’t be as helpful as you think because they are often missing critical pieces. Plus, they often provide a design but don’t tell you what to put where.

In reality, most of the designs are pretty much unprofessional.

Paid Proposal Templates

GraphicRiver has some really neat proposal templates like this one, this one, and this one. You have to pay for them and you need Adobe Indesign to use most of them.

But they are worlds better than the free templates out there.

How To Create You Own Proposal Template

You can create your own template. Just open up Microsoft Word and create a document with these sections.

  • Table of Contents

  • Cover Letter/Executive Summary

  • Project Understanding

  • Scope of Work/Approach

  • Project Management/Execution Plan

  • Pricing

  • Relevant Experience

  • Our Team

Get Access To My Proposal Template

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